Full Name
Jennifer Hohman
Job Title
Chief Information Officer & VP
Speaker Bio
Jennifer Hohman is a wife and mom to two growing boys. Along with her passion for her community, she managed to obtain almost 30 years of experience in the energy and technology industries. Jennifer strives to be the type of leader that listens to her peers. She enjoys building high-performing teams tasked with figuring out what their customers (internal and external) and colleagues need to accomplish, and how technology and new ideas can help get it done! These days, that is much easier than raising teenagers!  Jennifer has been blessed to work with colleagues and partners at Halliburton, Hewlett Packard, ConocoPhillips and now serves as CIO and VP at Seadrill, an innovative shallow to deep water offshore drilling company.  Jennifer’s successful approach to innovation and technology is her methodology for IT and Technology organizations to decrease costs in order to contribute to margins, increase revenue, seeking value based technology investments, improving processes and developing leaders.
Jennifer Hohman