Full Name
Ronnie Paskin
Job Title
PUC-Rio (Faculdades Católicas)
Speaker Bio
With 30+ years in IT, Ronnie is a researcher, educator, and engineer specializing in Information and Internet Technologies. Initially graduating as a Computer Engineer, he worked for Furnas, the largest power company in Brazil, at the information technology innovation department. He then spent 13 years in the US, including a stint at CBS Sports where his team won an Emmy for tech innovation. From senior software engineer at CBS, he moved to a similar role at Rede Globo, Brazil's largest media company and the world's second-largest TV network.
Later, he embraced education and teaching, coordinating courses at a computer programming technical high school, while also advising startups. Ronnie's scope expanded to blockchain research and mentorship at PUC-Rio's ECOA Institute, where he also earned a master's degree in Design. With several academic publications, authorship of patents, hundreds of students, and many lectures, he has left a significant mark in several fields.
Ronnie Paskin