Full Name
Yousef Hamedi Shokrlu
Job Title
Senior Data Scientist
Speaker Bio
Yousef Hamedi Shokrlu is a Senior Data Scientist with Ovintiv. He has a strong background in petroleum engineering and data science. His expertise lies at the intersection of reservoir simulation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Yousef holds a Ph.D., M.Sc., and B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering. His academic journey equipped him with a deep understanding of subsurface reservoir behavior, fluid dynamics, and reservoir characterization. For over 8 years, Yousef worked as a Reservoir Simulation Engineer at Computer Modelling Group. During this period, he honed his skills in modeling reservoirs, history matching, and production forecasting. His work involved using numerical simulation, statistical analysis, and developing proxy models to understand reservoir behavior, optimize recovery processes, and make informed decisions. Driven by a passion for innovation, Yousef transitioned to his current role in Data Science. He recognized the immense potential of leveraging machine learning (ML) and AI techniques to enhance reservoir management, and optimize production. His unique blend of domain knowledge and data science expertise allows him to tackle complex challenges in the oil and gas industry. Yousef envisions a future where data-driven approaches revolutionize oil and gas assets development and management, leading to more efficient and sustainable energy production.
Yousef Hamedi Shokrlu