Full Name
Al Lindseth
Job Title
CI5O Advisory
Speaker Bio
As the winner of the 2019 Houston Orbie ‘Superglobal’ CIO of the Year and ‘22 Leadership Award, Al Lindseth has been a thought leader within the energy sector and IT profession for many years. After a 22-year career there wearing many different hats across Risk, Technology, Cybersecurity, and Transformation, he left Plains All American in 2022 to support organizations with what he describes as the crunch issue of how the growing risks like cybersecurity, and other major disruptive forces, are managed amid a need to democratize and expand technology within an increasingly connected workplace. Traditional approaches of handling supply chain risk, cyber risk, analytics, edge, and others as separate IT projects and not addressing these needs as various pieces of a major holistic change effort (including many non-technology aspects) are causing them to fail outright or have poor results.
Al Lindseth