Connected Solutions – Part B
Date & Time
Thursday, September 14, 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:10 PM
Brian Thigpen Oliver Wang Jessica Williams Daniel Quant Michael Mayer Jim Jones Chris Stoll Sarah Sonnier

LoRaWAN deployments or friction points to legacy systems 
Brian Thigpen, IIOT Product Owner, Chevron

Edge SCADA Provisioning and Management
Oliver Wang, Industrial Computing, MOXA

SiteSync:  Delivering IIoT at Scale using LoRaWAN, MQTT Sparkplug B and Ignition
Jessica Williams, Controls Engineer, Sync Automation 

Panel discussion: Scaling up LoRaWAN ® for Oil & Gas Digitalization
LoRaWAN® is an ITU-approved cost-effective and quick to deploy Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) that provides long-range data capture from constrained, often stranded, battery operated devices and sensors to cloud-based data platforms and On-Premise SCADA systems to enable data driven decision making and operational automation at scale.
Millions of LoRaWAN devices have now shipped globally, many that are hazardous rated sensors that digitize energy consumption, valve positioning, health of pumps and rotating machinery, pressure and temperature sensing, chemical tank level optimization, worker safety monitoring and tracking.
Panellists will discuss value of LoRaWAN applications now scaling globally in Oil & Gas segments and answer questions from the audience on performance, integration to legacy data platforms, lessons they learnt and the return on investment for Energy and Oil & Gas.

Moderator: Daniel Quant, Multi-Tech Systems

Brian Thigpen, IIOT Product Owner, Chevron
Michael Mayer, MD, Aloxy
Jim Jones, CMO, Riot Edge Solutions
Oliver Wang, Industrial Computing, MOXA
Chris Stoll, VP Product Management, Vutility
Sarah Sonnier, Data Scientist, Sync Automation