6 Featured Tracks

While the conference plenary kicks proceedings off, you’ll have the chance to join any industry track that fits you and your company's priorities and needs.

For 8 years the IoT in Oil and Gas conference has been the must-attend digitalization event for the oil and gas industry. Whilst the conference largely focused in IoT technology, the integration of IoT with digital technologies led us to co-locate the conference with 5 other tracks – and one exhibition hall.

More than cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology is changing the oil and gas industry. Digitalization in Oil and Gas is your opportunity to learn about this groundbreaking innovation as it spreads across the industry. Our Blockchain track for conference attendees is your chance to see how Blockchain can be the difference maker for your company.

Digital Twins are widely recognized as a game changer for oil and gas companies. Merging cloud computing, advanced simulation, virtual system testing, AR/VR and machine learning, digital twins is improving decision-making in real-time by providing a virtual representation of a physical process. The Digital Twins track will equip you and your company with the insight to make informed and improved data-driven decisions from subsurface modeling and rig-design, to production, safety and field resource.

Edge computing is widely recognized as a critical tool in bridging the information gap, particularly in remote or offshore locations with unreliable internet connections. With the fast growth of IoT devices in the energy industry, operators and service companies need a flexible infrastructure to manage their data, leverage insights and achieve predictive maintenance. Edge computing provides oil and gas providers the infrastructure they need to operate efficiently no matter where they are.

As the world gets more and more connected, so to is the oil and gas industry. Innovations in bandwidth communications, 5G, and LoRa networks are rapidly connecting even the most remote work areas. Companies from every corner of the world are utilizing more ways to keep all aspects of their businesses connected.

Oil and Gas companies are investing heavily in enabling the mobility of its workforce, equipping them with the technology to improve outcomes in ESG, productivity, safety and retention. Field service technology is providing operators and service companies with an improved agility to meet existing and new challenges.