Celebrating a decade of being the oil & gas industry's
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Digitalization, Decarbonization, and Business Transformation
for upstream, midstream, and petrochemical operators

The 10th Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas continues to explore the intersection between digitalization and decarbonization and the transformation required across the sector to remain relevant, resilient and achieve business value. Building for tomorrow, creating facilities for the future, planning for a lower carbon market, and realizing value are key objectives for the energy sector.

Operators are currently seeking simple solutions to routine problems that can be deployed across their organizations. Realizing capabilities and value whilst scaling up existing solutions are key priorities for the teams involved in the digital transformation journey, but deployment remains an obstacle. To address the challenge of aging assets, it is important for operators to continue digitizing and modernizing their facilities and create new capabilities to extend the lifetime.

2024 Advisory Board

Todd Anslinger
Todd Anslinger
IIoT & Automation Specialist
Chevron Technology Center Asset Performance
Jim Claunch
Jim Claunch
Expert Partner
Bain & Company
Andrea Course
Andrea Course
Digital Innovation Program Manager
Ahmed Hashmi
Ahmed Hashmi
Managing Partner
e-squared capital LP and e-squared advisors LLC
Tracy Paddock Beam
Tracy Paddock Beam
Strategic Transformation Partners

What Our Customers Say

Great collection of suppliers and integrators available to assist with use cases and implementation of IoT technologies!

The Digitalization in Oil & Gas Conference offered unique opportunities for top-notch organizations and service providers to identify and connect both real and digital worlds with cost-effective, adaptive, streamlining solutions.

This was a wonderful conference with many opportunities to explore in-depth conversations with customers and suppliers.

Key questions to consider in 2024:


  • How is bimodal transformation and IT/OT convergence continuing to impact the sector? 
  • Is data organization and the age of experimentation largely over and deployment is the priority? 
  • Will the consolidation and mergers enable faster deployment of technology solutions across organizations and drive value on a larger scale? 
  • How are large-scale operators investing for the future to ensure they stay relevant? 
  • Is it time to replace digital transformation with sustainable transformation? 
  • Will the potential reduction in IT budgets have a positive or negative impact on innovation? 


  • How will new technologies and new thinking play out against scaling up of existing technologies?  
  • How will the rise of DeepTech solutions - providing technology solutions based on substantial scientific or engineering challenges, impact the energy sector? 
  • What defines a "digital transformation" project? Does this include any new software? Or is there a specific threshold that flags something as a digital transformation? 
  • What end applications of digitalization have unlocked the most value to date?   
  • Are the cloud environments just a stop gap until we can get the systems that move the product smart enough to handle it? 
  • How can the industry ensure that data gathering and consumption isn’t compounding GHG issues? 
  • How much GHG reductions have been achieved using digitization and how do you quantify that? 


  • Are corporate culture (including leadership) and organizational structure some of the biggest impediments to true digital transformation? 
  • How can operators attract top-tier talent to join digital teams which typically may not be the primary choice for IT professionals? 
  • How can operators address individual support and training for the future while keeping an engaged individual? 
  • With so many companies investing in the same areas, a gap has been created between supply/demand of talent for AI and Automation, how are organizations thinking about addressing this issue and ensuring they have the talent in place to deliver on these initiatives while keeping costs down? 
  • What steps are being taken to break the knowledge gap for digital proficiency and capabilities? 

2023 Event Highlights

Attendees Included: